Used properly, with sensible care and proper storage, we grant the owners of our Baroque saddles a total period of 3 years, and 5 years warranty on the saddle tree. The warranty is only valid upon presentation of the original invoice and warranty card. Since leather is a natural product, it may have visible, small color changes or scarring or overgrown cracks. These are not leather errors, but a sign of authenticity. Wear and tear parts (e.g. as girth/cinch, tie-strap, off-billet, girth, Anti-Fender-Slip protection, stirrup leather or silver parts) are imposed by the warranty.

Caring for your new saddle

A warranty is only guaranteed if your saddle used properly, preserved and maintained. Leather is a natural product and reacts to environmental influences. Keep your saddle in a dry, cool and dark room and store it on a suitable saddle rack. The tack room should be separated from the barn. Clean your saddle regularly from dirt and other residue with a damp cloth and mild saddle soap. In order to preserve the high-quality vegetable tanned leather in substance and quality, oil the leather of your saddle once or twice a year sparingly after cleaning with Neats Foot Oil (eg in special cases like sweat, saltwater exposure, etc.). When using Neats Foot Oil, please note that the rough leather bottom absorbs much more oil than the smooth leather side. The underside is therefore only to be treated sparingly.


Never oil any of the Nubuck leather areas and adjoining edges of your saddle! Bright natural colored saddles will darken when oil is applied! For leather care in between rides use a high quality leather grease (especially for tanned vegetable leather), which has an waterproofing effect. All fats/greases/oils are to be used sparingly; otherwise the leather will lose its tension and stability.